Countries participating

The G8 is an International organization made up of the 8 most developed countries in the world: United States, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada and Russia.
The Prime Ministers and Heads of State of the 8 member countries meet once a year.
France, United States and Russia are represented by their Head of State. United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada attend with their Prime Ministers.
The presidency of G8 rotates annually among the member countries, according to the following order: France, United States, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada.
The meeting is always convened between May and July and is announced by the host country during the previous summit meeting. We’ve had thirtytwo annual summit meetings up to now.
The first Summit meeting was in 1975 at invitation of the President of French Republic Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. The first group of countries was originally composed by United States, Japan, Germany, France and Great Britain ; they met at the French castle of Rambouillet.
The promoter organized the meeting among Heads of State and Prime Ministers of the member countries, supporting the discussion of delicate subjects of general interest, with a special attention on international monetary crisis and oil crisis.
The leaders stated to be “determined to beat the serious unemployment situation, the constant inflation and the serious energy problems”.
During this first occasion came up the idea to organize a yearly meeting among the greatest industrial powers to encourage common political and economical strategies on issues of international interest.
Canada and Italy joined the first meeting, but became official members in 1977;
Here originates the name of “Group of seven” or G7.
Since the first years, many suggestions to extend the membership to other countries have been made. Up to now, the last enlargement concerns Russia. The introduction of Moscow, gradually achieved between 1992 and 1998, was consolidated at Naples G8 in 1994 and became established in Birmingham (Great Britain) in 1998, with the formal substitution of G7 into G8.