G8 in Sardinia

The 2009 G8 scheduled at La Maddalena is a “Great Event”, as issued by the Prime Minister decree of September 7th 2001, art. 5-bis: “The Italian G8 presidency held from January 1st to December 31st 2009, all the events and related meetings carried out in the same period are stated as “great event” according to the law by decree of September 7th 2001, n. 343, turned into the law 401 of 9th November 2001.
The summit meeting on the island of La Maddalena is the fifth one held in Italy, after the two in Venice (June 22nd -23rd 1980; June 8th -10th 1987), the third in Naples (July 8th 1994th ) and the fourth one in Genoa (July 20th -22nd 2001).