Issues such as biodiversity, desertification, water and food have become a planetary emergency, but still today there is no real awareness of their close interconnection and, notwithstanding the many international agreements, they are a challenge to which effective answers still need to be found.
In light of the G8 meeting in 2009 at La Maddalena, the Region of Sardinia intends to give an informal contribution through a series of initiatives on issues of the agenda so as to involve to the extent possible institutions, scientists, persons of law, associations and private citizens who have the future of the Planet at heart.
The deterioration of ecosystems at the global level has both caused and increased disparity among peoples, and has highlighted fundamental issues, ignored up to now, of biodiversity, climatic change, desertification and human rights.
CAGLIARI, OCTOBER 22 > 24 2008
Internet Governance
Internet Governance Forum Italia
The Internet Governance Forum Italia (IGF Italia), which will take place on 22 and 23 October, meets with the European Parliament's invitation to set up National IGFs. This event, organized in collaboration with the Italian chapter of Internet SOCiety (ISOC Italia), is intended to convene the representatives of the Italian Internet community to discuss a common position on the issues to be dealt with at the next IGF, which will take place in Hyderabad, in December 2008.

Dialogue Forum on Internet Rights 2
The Dialogue Forum on Internet Rights 2 (DFIR2), which will be held on 24 October, is meant as a follow-up to the first edition of this initiative, which took place in Rome in 2007. Its aim is to keep up the international discussion process - officially launched by Italy, together with other actors, during the Athens IGF - to define a shared set of principles able to steer the democratic and inclusive development of the Internet (the so-called Internet Bill of Rights or Internet Rights Code).